The Obstacle of State to State Cross Country Car Moving

My family and I recently moved from New Mexico to Oregon, and we rented a truck in order to move all of our stuff because, frankly, that was the cheapest way to do it considering everything that we had to take with us.  This left us with the dilemma of getting both of our cars to Oregon while one drove the rented truck when we only have two licensed drivers in the family.  The only solution was to find a good company that could provide us with state to state cross country car moving so that we could get that extra car to Oregon safely without having to take multiple trips between the two states.

    In order to find a good company, I decided to get on the internet and compare the different services available.  I wanted to hire a company that would provide me with a competitive price, but our cars are incredibly important to us, and so I also wanted to make sure that any company that I hired for this particular job was reliable and trustworthy.  I went ahead and began reading a number of different customer reviews in order to see what the experiences of these companies’ customers were like.  If one company had more than one customer complaint, I usually moved on to the next, as I did not think it worth the risk.

state to state cross country car moving

    After doing all of my research, I found a company that seemed to have an excellent reputation with their former customers and also offered a good market price for the service.  I am happy to say that the entire move went as planned, which is definitely a feat in and of itself, and both of our cars arrived safely in the state of Oregon with no problems.

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