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Going for Variety and Different Elegant Moods with Mens Tweed Suits and Jackets

On being utterly fashionable, variety is never clichéd when the famous mantra of old-fashioned spice is proffered. Mens tweed suits and jackets are tailor-made for these specific purposes which have stood the test and time of successfully recreating, let us just say, a variety of different elegant moods for the distinguished gentleman who never looks over his shoulder and always strides forward with utmost confidence.

Mens tweed suits

The coded definition of distinguished gentleman no longer applies only to the experienced, refined and old fashioned. It does still apply, however, to gentlemen who remain well-mannered, respectful and orderly in favor of their female counterpart and the hierarchical pecking order of things. The young and modish are not necessarily taken aback by the timeless austerity of tweed, but they have taken to it like water to a duck’s back.

For them, this is part of the fulfillment of being trendy in elegant, polished and classy ways. To reward the young, brash and finely featured, suitable modern slim-fit tweed jackets fit them to perfection. Refined through age, like a good wine, men with a broader waistline can fit themselves snugly with the all time classic tweed jacket. And it would not even be outrageous to suggest that some men, young or old, no matter their class or status, will be making bold statements of their own in selecting a classic smoking jacket or hunting jacket to surprise other eyes.

Tweed allows styling to be versatile and for the house it remains an effortless enterprise. The old saying still presides and it dictates that some things, like tweed, never go out of fashion. Not to be forgotten is an equally wide range of accessories, all in tweed, of course.