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Speakers Determine Quality: Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Anyone who knows anything about studio recording knows just how important it is to get an accurate sound out of your studio speakers.  Regardless of what kind of other equipment or software you are using in your studio, if you do not have an accurate playback of your tracks, then you are not going to get the sound that you want.  That is why a good set of studio monitor speakers is so important, and the yamaha hs5 powered studio monitor is just that.  These studio monitors allow you to get the most accurate sound possible on your playback, that way you know precisely what your tracks will sound like in any sound system that they might possibly be played in. 

yamaha hs5 powered studio monitor

    This is, unfortunately, an aspect of studio production that many people ignore when they first get started.  A lot of new producers believe that they can just playback their tracks on any old speakers and get an accurate sound.  This is simply not the case.  In order to get an accurate understanding of the quality of your mixes and masters, you need a quality set of studio monitor speakers.  Without them, you will have an inconsistent mix and master, as different speakers have different frequency ranges, and only studio monitor speakers can cover nearly every frequency that can be heard by the human ear, thus giving you with an understanding of what you need to do to your tracks.

    Do not risk the quality of your mixes and masters by using inaccurate speakers.  If you do this, you will find that your tracks sound differently in different systems, and this means that you did not perform a quality mix down and mastering of your track.  Quality is important, and your speakers will determine the quality.