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Can Coffee Help You Cheat Death?

Everybody loves coffee in some of form or another. The best capsule coffee machine is capable of making coffee so delicious that even the most loyal tea drinker would switch sides. This tasty drink has been the favorite of people all over the world for centuries and its popularity isn’t going to be fading anytime soon. But as people started to get more health conscious, some claimed that coffee wasn’t very healthy. While it is true that too much coffee can be harmful, the same can be said for any other type of drink, including water. Moderation is key. When it comes to coffee it is a good idea to limit yourself to three cups a day.

Or is it? Despite popular belief that too much coffee leads to all kinds of bad things, studies have proved the opposite. A study done by the National Institutes of Health – AARP Diet and Health made a few controversial discoveries regarding coffee and life span. The study was done over thirteen years and had the following conclusions.

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  • If you drink one cup of coffee each day,
    your risk of death decreases by 6%
  • If you drink two or three cups of coffee
    each day, your risk of death decreases by 10%
  • If you drink four or five cups of coffee
    a day, your risk of death decreases by 12%
  • If you drink six or more cups of coffee a
    day, your risk if death decreases by 10%

Not only does this study prove that drinking three cups of coffee has the same effects as drinking over six cups of coffee, but it shows that the magic number of cups to drink is between four and five cups of coffee a day. Brewing high quality coffee in the best capsule coffee machine will probably increase your longevity even more.