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The Vellfire is More Than a GPS

Everyone who travels on a regular basis knows just how important it is to have navigation equipment that will help keep you from getting lost.  What a lot of people do not realize, however, is that there are all in one navigators that will provide you with a whole bunch of other features on top of navigation.  One of these GPS devices is the Vellfire, and because it is powered by Alpine, the masters of sound, it provides a whole bunch of extras that you might have never imagined might possibly come with a GPS navigation system.


    One of the excellent features that this particular navigation system comes with is an advanced sound tuning feature that will make the sound of your music match the acoustics of your car perfectly.  Obviously, this is a bonus feature, but it ought to be one of the bigger selling points of this particular navigation system, as it is a feature that you will rarely find in similar devices.  It is not enough to have a good sound system in your car if you want to get perfect sound; you will also need a tuning system that will study the interior of your car in order to get you the perfect tuning for whatever music you are playing every single time.

    For those of us who like a little bit of luxury with our survival technology, this is definitely the best navigation system available on the market today.  Rather than just settle for the basics, you might as well go all out and get something that will make all of your trips more enjoyable.  After all, if you only wanted the basics, you could always just use your phone for navigation.  But where is the fun in that?